What To Expect At Pre-Conception Care Center?

Planning a family requires certain conscious efforts. Though the process of reproduction is a natural phenomenon, attaining high percentage of success becomes possible when the care is taken even before the actual conception. Eating foods that boost fertility, adopting lifestyle that helps maintain healthy weight and managing disorders that interfere with the reproductive abilities are the essential features of pre-conception care program. A large number of cases have attained successful pregnancy by consulting the company offering full support for the pre-conception care.

The main features of the pre-conception care center program are:

  • Pre-conception assessment: Both the man and woman have to be physically sound to be able to reproduce. The pre-conception assessment for men will include sperm quality assessment, sperm count, sperm production, motility rate and so on. Similarly, the woman is tested for ovulation process, quality of eggs, fallopian tube defects and so on. There are also certain blood tests done to confirm the presence of fertility boosting elements in the body.
  • Pregnancy care: While the health of the ovaries and the reproductive system is determined through scans and blood tests before pregnancy, once the conception has taken place, the health of the fetus as well as mother is monitored regularly. The experts at the pregnancy care center will advise on the correct diet and exercise, vaccinations to be taken and scans to be done to affirm no abnormality during the gestation period.
  • Post-pregnancy care: The services of the pre-conception care center extend beyond the delivery period too. Mothers need help in finding the correct diet that boost lactation, advise on the baby’s health and growth etc. There are various psychological issues also involved that need counselling from the experts.

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Post Author: Makenna Drake